How to start a healthy lifestyle

I love the idea of a clean slate and new beginnings. Maybe that’s why I enjoy the start of a new year and how it makes everyone want to better themselves. A very common goal is to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Who doesn’t want to feel and look good? Below are 5 tips for making the transition to a healthier you!

  • Nutrition

It’s true what they say abs are made in the kitchen! I never understood this until I graduated high school. I was so active during my teenage years that I never had to worry about eating healthy. After high school, I struggled because my eating habits were all over the place. I’ve recently been going to a nutritionist and it has helped out SO much! I am more aware of what I eat and have enjoyed tracking my progress on the app Lifesum.

  • Create a schedule

I solely believe creating a schedule is key to success. At the beginning of the week, I will check all the classes that are offered at my gym, pick my favorites, write them in my planner then plan around them. Eventually, it will become second nature.

  • Take progress pictures¬†

Can’t say I am a fan of taking progress photos especially in the beginning because I see my end goal and it seems like I will never get there BUT I swear they come in handy when you need some extra motivation.

  • Make everyday count

Think positive! Don’t get discouraged if you couldn’t make it to the gym that day. Nobody is perfect and sometimes life just happens. Take a walk around your neighborhood instead. Maybe try meditating or yoga.

  • New workout clothes

I know, I know you’ve heard this one a million times. But honestly, what’s better than new workout clothes to motivate you? A lot of things but let us pretend… I personally feel good when I look good. I get more confidence and determination.

I hope you enjoyed reading these tips! Thanks for being my model Makinna!

Thanks for reading and until next time!